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1983 Milton Bradley Ms. Pac-Man

Year: 1983
Manufacturer: Milton Bradley
Name: Ms. Pac-Man
Class: Memorabilia
Sub-Class: Boardgame
Genre: Labyrinth/Maze

general description

Hugely popular follow up to the hit Pac-Man. Ms. Pac-Man still earns her keep in arcades today, and it is not unusual to see a Ms. Pac-Man sitting right next to state-of-art arcade games.

Gameplay is simple: control Ms. Pac with a joystick, chomping on dots in the maze. Avoid the ghosts, but you can turn the tables with a power pellet. If you see a fruit bouncing through the maze, grab it for extra points. You'll cycle through several mazes, and see new intermission screens.

about this version

"As much fun as the action-packed arcade game." We're not sure how a kid's boardgame could be as much fun as Ms. Pac-Man, but Milton Bradley claimed this on their Ms. Pac-Man boardgame. Among many other games, MB also made a Pac-Man boardgame.

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