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1979 Coleco Amaze-a-Tron

Year: 1979
Manufacturer: Coleco
Name: Amaze-a-Tron
Class: Handheld
Sub-Class: Other
Genre: Labyrinth/Maze
Model Number: #2010
Display: LED

general description

A maze game for 1 or 2 players on a 5×5 grid of numbered squares. Game generates random path from one (random) square to another and players use 'movers' to find the path. Some games return you to start on a wrong move, and wrong moves in two-player games give your opponent the next move. Eight game variations in total. 2 LEDs (red and green), 2-digit LED display (for start/finish numbers), and Game Start and Select pushbuttons. Historical Note: Game was designed by Ralph Baer, inventor of Magnavox game system and arguably the inventor of videogames.

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