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1976 Atari Breakout

Year: 1976
Manufacturer: Atari
Name: Breakout
Class: Coin-Op
Sub-Class: Arcade
Genre: Ball and Paddle
Monitor Type: Raster
Resolution: CGA
Orientation: Vertical
Validation: (validated)

general description

Using a dial, you control a paddle at the bottom of the screen. Hit a ball to the "bricks" at the top, and they will break (and disappear). Your goal: get rid of all the bricks.

about this version

Breakout was a huge success in the late 70s as many people were ready for a change from all of the Pong-like games. Breakout is also famous for the fact that Jobs and Wozniak worked on this game prior to building their first Apple computer.

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knowledge base articles

» KB-425-37 Breakout Pinout (

weight & measurements

Validation Type Height Width Depth Weight Act Dim
Ship Dim
  Upright 65.50" 25.25" 27.75" ??? 237 lbs 360 lbs   
*NOTE: Dimensional Weight (also know as "Dim Weight") is an industry standard formula used by shipping companies. The calculation is used to determine how much space a package will take up. Most shipping rates are calculated based on Dim Weight or actual weight, whichever is greater. The formula for Dim Weight is (L" x W" x D")/194. The examples shown here show the actual dimensional weight for the game, and then given an estimated shipping dimensional weight assuming that 5" of packing material is needed in each dimension. Your actual results may vary.

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